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You may have missed one of the events to meet Trey, hear him speak, and ask questions but you can watch some videos below, many more videos on Facebook, view our calendar for future events or send a message to our Facebook page or email treymcdonaldforsheriff@gmail.com

Invitation to debate important issues to our citizens so each can see where the candidates stand.

Endorsement from Former
Buncombe County Sheriff VanDuncan

"What if you knew there were only 6 of 18 deputies on patrol in the entire county?... Why?"

Leadership... "Influence, not dictatorship. Influence is, someone trusts you, they want to work for you, they want to do their best job they can possibly do for you, not like a dictatorship where they want to go hide somewhere where they are afraid to do their job."
"These deputies feel like the leadership is out to harm them, to fire them at any little thing they do"

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